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Mozambique: Local companies can’t afford oil and gas quality accreditation

Mozambique’s small and medium enterprises (SME) are being left out from the opportunities offered by the oil and gas projects because they do not have international quality accreditation the chairman of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce said on Thursday. Julião Dimande said the Mozambican firms cannot afford international quality certification with costs at least $50,000 (€43,100). Because of technical limitations at Mozambique’s ...

Government approves gas exploration contracts – Mozambique

The Mozambican government has approved contracts awarding exclusive rights to three companies to explore for hydrocarbons in designated areas over the next eight years. The companies successfully bid for the concessions in 2015 during the fifth licencing round held by the National Petroleum Institute (INP). However, there has been a long delay in agreeing on the concession contracts due to concerns raised by the oil companies over ...

“Local Cabo Delgado entrepreneurs have the skills” – Mozambique

Oil and gas megaprojects are traditionally for the giants, but local business in Cabo Delgado has no sense of inferiority. "Local entrepreneurs have the skills for these projects," the president of the Provincial Business Council Julio Sethy says. The only thing he wants more of is information, shared for timely preparation: "Naturally, depending on demand, these skills might need to be increased or decreased." "What is important is that we ...


Exotix Capital says Mozambique may reject Eurobond restructuring plan

The consultancy firm Exotix Capital says today that the Mozambican government should reject the proposal presented last week by owners of its sovereign debt because it excludes the two other loans the government wants to restructure. Mozambique might reject a debt proposal from a key group of holders of the African nation’s Eurobonds as the plan presented last week excludes two other loans contracted by public companies the government wants ...

Mozambique: AfDB support to end-2019 capped at $81m due to excessive debt

Financial support from African Development Bank (AfDB) to Mozambique until the end of next year is to be limited to $81 million due to the country’s excessive debt, which hinders sovereign funding access. According to the Mozambique Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2018-2022 “the available resources are from the ADF [African Development Fund]-14th cycle (2017-19) of UA [Units of Account] 56.3 million and the next full ADF-15 cycle (2020-22), ...

INSS in Nampula recovers more than 30 million meticais

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) in Nampula recovered more than 30 million meticais [around US$518,000 at today's exchange rates] in debtor contributors in July. The amount corresponds to 30 percent of the total owed, a campaign to collect which is ongoing. INSS delegate in Nampula, Alfredina Garcia, said that more could be recovered as a result of payment agreements signed at the request of several taxpayers. In total, ...

Interview: Management of resources will dictate what kind of country Mozambique will be – AfDB

The African Development Bank's Country Manager for Mozambique, Pietro Toigo, said in an interview that natural resource management will be the most important point in determining what kind of country Mozambique becomes. "Sustainable management of natural resources will determine the type of country that Mozambique will be," Toigo said in an interview with Lusa the day after the release of the Country Strategy Paper, the Bank's most important ...

Nicoadala and Quelimane girls receive 128 sewing machines

In partnership with the government, World Vision is developing programmes to minimise girls' risk of HIV infection – one of which is the distribution of 128 sewing machines in the districts of Quelimane and Nicoadala. World Vision and the government believe that the sewing machines economically empower the girls. "The involvement of these girls in World Vision's 'Dreams' project is expected to change their behaviour," Claudia Lembe of ...

Renamo demands “dignified and humanised” reintegration of its forces

Renamo will deliver the weapons in possession of its residual forces, its men must be integrated into society in a "dignified and humanised" way. The Interim Coordinator of Renamo's Political Committee, Ossufo Momade, told reporters on Thursday via a conference call from Gorongosa that the memorandum on military matters provides for "the placing of Renamo officials in command and leadership in the Defence Forces of Mozambique. The integration ...

Russia: Press release on the situation in Mozambique – Unabridged

Press release on the situation in Mozambique On August 6, President of the Republic of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi made a statement to the nation on the signing that day of a memorandum of understanding between the government and the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo). The memorandum stipulates the demilitarisation, demobilisation and partial integration of the main opposition party’s forces, which Renamo preserved after the end of the ...

Over 2,000 cases of disciplinary action instigated in 2017

Last year 2,250 cases of disciplinary action were opened against public officials for acts of corruption or misconduct. This led to the dismissal of 205 officials with another 104 expelled, whilst others received lighter punishments. Most cases involved unauthorised absence from work and absenteeism. The Minister of State Administration, Carmelita Namashulua released these figures on Wednesday during the opening session of her ministry’s ...

President swears in new Sofala, Manica and Niassa governors

President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi is to swear into office new governors for the provinces of Sofala, Manica and Niassa today. Alberto Mondlane will be sworn in as governor of Sofala, Francisca Domingos Tomás that of Niassa, and Manuel Alberto of Manica. The new leaders were appointed yesterday in separate presidential dispatches. Also yesterday, the president appointed Julio Pio Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce.  

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September Article's 2017

There is a meat ban at the Mozambique Border, we have received no information as to when this will be lifted. Please contact the border post or authorities.

August Article's 2017

Mozambican Police STOP Extorting Money from Tourists.

Mozambican Interior Minister Basílio Monteiro says the Mozambican police must stop mistreating tourists, because such practices are harmful to the country’s image.

“We have registered many complaints from tourists about our agents’ attitude, and must urgently rethink strategies aimed at ending these situations,” the daily Notícias quotes Monteiro as saying.

Speaking during the inauguration of new National Migration Service (SENAMI) staff, Monteiro said that the spread of images of police extorting money from tourists or otherwise disturbing them have generated a negative image of Mozambique as a tourist destination.

“These acts are often recorded using audiovisual means and then disseminated throughout the world with the speed that information and information technologies provide, creating an image that is unfavourable to the normal flow of tourists,” the Mozambican interior minister said.

Agents of law and order who come in contact with tourists, Monteiro continued, should be guided by standards of good service and treat tourists courteously, always within the framework of Mozambican laws.

Reference: #Source: Lusa

Mozambique Launches Awareness Program

Mozambique has launched an awareness program concerning civil registration and vital statistics.
The program, launched yesterday in Maputo and promoted by the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs through the National Directorate of Registries and Notaries, will promote the civil registration of all births in Mozambique.
The initiative also aims to show how a “computerized civil registry system that incorporates statistical data” can be useful “for the determination of government policies and plans, such as planning the number of schools to build, healthcare plans” and so on.
The awareness project is funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Vision organisation.
Mozambique adopted an electronic registration system in 2014, but has since then lacked resources for comprehensive implementation.
A year ago, Canada announced funding of 19.5 million Canadian dollars (more than EUR 12 million) over five years to try to overcome difficulties and support other reforms in the sector.
At the time, Marcouigi Corsi, UNICEF’s representative in Mozambique, stressed the importance of reforming the civil registry and creating a centralised system to certify the identity of children at birth.
Reference: #Source: Lusa

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Communities Against Corruption in Mozambique


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The community worked together and stopped and barricaded his car and all of the community demanded that he get’s out and give the passports back to the people it belongs to.

You can hear them telling him that they are tired of the Police corruption, this is affecting tourism in Ponta Do Ouro, and their livelihoods and future of the country.


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